History of

The Kailasa Yantra

The Yantra is a specific geometrical diagram also considered mystical because it is imbibed with universal energies which get evoked by wearing/worshipping it. Classically, the Yantra is considered to be the body of the Deity itself as is specified by Adi Sankara for the Shree Yantra which is considered as Shiva-Shakti Vapuh (Vapuh = Body). It is to be worshipped only by the adepts in strict adherence to the strictures where ‘sattvic’ quality of life is a must.

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The Kailasa Yantra

Original Concept

But, THE KAILASA YANTRA is not just a Yantra for adepts. It is a complex diagram imbibed with the power of several Deities and multifunctional as a Yantra, a Mandala and a Lucky charm – especially designed to be worn or worshipped by EVERYONE. It is multi-religious, multi-regional, multi-cultural and adaptable for people with different kinds of life styles. Anyone who wears/displays the Kailasa Yantra irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faith, geographical location or life-style can benefit equally by this yantra.

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Conceptualized in the times of

Guru Padmasambhava

the proponent of Vajrayana Buddhism it specifically excludes religious identity instead borrowing signatures of numeric, hieroglyphic and zoologic representations. The 9 numerics, the 8 directions, the 12 zodiac signs and the great Teacher (the Guru) are all universally considered to be Divine and are invoked in multiple ways. The Kapali’s Kailasa Yantra follows the traditional Kapalika concept of Universalism.

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The Kailasa Yantra


Most cultures recognize three Universal Energies at work – Creation, Sustenance & Destruction. The energy triad is represented in many ways eg. Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh – the Trimurti, Ida-Pingala-Sushumna – the three types of breath or Ichha-Kriya-Jnana (Desire-Action-Knowledge) – the three energies required to achieve a goal. The Kailasa Yantra is basically a divine instrument to evoke these three Energies and synchronize the wearer with the Universe. Thus, the wearer of the Kailasa Yantra can easily achieve desired goals.

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Process of making

The Kapali's Kailasa Yantra

In Indian culture wearing and worshipping Yantras is a common practice. The Yantras were normally inscribed by adepts and required specialized knowledge. But eventually, with the advent of machines this tradition was replaced by large scale machine-made production which did not follow either the strictures of the shastra nor the auspicious muhurta.

Thus, stripped of divine qualities, the Yantras became ineffective being considered to be mere metallic engravings ignored by the intellectuals and exploited by the merchants class for those who are considered superstitious. Without proponents, without strictures and without divine qualities – the Yantras lost their former glory and the classical knowledge of making Yantras became redundant. The Kapali’s Kailasa Yantra is made in strict adherence to the classical texts even though it uses modern technology. Because it is made only during certain astronomical combinations which are rare, the quantity output is much much less than commercially available mass produced Yantras. Besides, use of virgin metal and elaborate classical procedures of cleansing and empowering the final product makes it much more valuable and precious, incomparable to those commercially available elsewhere.

The Kailasa Yantra


The consecration of Yantras is a special science incorporating rituals by adepts with specific powers. Very few persons are known to make available such yantras. Mostly, the manufacture and the consecration of Yantras is done by different entities having no connection to each-other. This concern was addressed by Kapali Geocosmic Research Foundation Trust at Jamnagar under the guidance of Siddha Kapali Sadguru Maheshwar Umanath who was also well-versed in making hand-made Yantras as per the ancient classical tradition. He also instructed the consecration and enlivening rituals of the Yantra as per the Kapalika tradition passed on by Him to Kapalishishyaa.

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The Tradition

As a consequence of this, the Kapali’s Kailasa Yantra is most UNIQUE as the whole process of yantra making from start to finish is handled by adepts. It also started the tradition of presenting Yantras with appropriate consecration rituals making them effective. The label of Kapali’s since 2001 is the only one to present Divine consecrated and enlivened Yantras!!!

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The Kailasa Yantra is one of the most powerful yantras and the only one for non-adepts.
Anyone who wears this Yantra receives a source to tap into the Universal Energies. Whoever wears or display this Yantra witnesses a transformation within him/herself and success in achieving goals.
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Benefits of

The Kailasa Yantra


  • gives you clarity
  • gives you purpose
  • gives you right direction
  • gives you power & command
  • attainment of desires
  • achievement of goals
  • gives you confidence & positive personality
  • increases good things in your life like fame money, love, friends, etc.
  • counteracts obstacles & hindrances in your path/goals/desires
  • destroys negative energies around you
  • restricts ill fate, destroys bad karma

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  • passing a competitive exam
  • winning a particular legal case
  • getting a better job/promotion/salary
  • winning an election/a sport/a competition
  • getting a perfect match for marriage
  • getting a visa/permanent residentship
  • making your family integrated
  • getting better staff and bonding in the workplace
  • getting recognition and appreciation for your work


it synchronizes your energies to achieve the goal faster

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  • will counteract the symptoms of bad Vaastu & Feng-Shui
  • will destroy all the negative energies
  • will destroy evil eye
  • will replenish the Earth energy
  • will integrate all energies
  • will heal geopathic stress
  • will empower the space
  • will integrate individual efforts
  • will increase family/work-place bonding
  • will make homes happier
  • will make business thrive and prosper
  • will heal the sick, promote health
  • will protect from depleting energies
  • will multiply happy occasions
  • will decrease pain and suffering

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