Benefits & How to Wear

Benefits & How to Wear

The Kailasa Yantra


Human endeavor is not always rewarded with success because of lack in synchronization of the three energies viz. ichhashakti, kriyashakti & jnanashakti.

Great men are usually successful in their pursuits because they have the power to synchronize these energies naturally.

But for most us, this does not come naturally. Hence, divine grace in the form of a Yantra is always welcome!

Most people need impetus in going after a goal and nearly all need guidance and direction to act upon it.

Benefits of

Wearing The Kailasa Yantra

for general purpose

  • gives you clarity
  • gives you purpose
  • gives you right direction
  • gives you power & command
  • attainment of desires
  • achievement of goals
  • gives you confidence & positive personality
  • increases good things in your life like fame money, love, friends, etc.
  • counteracts obstacles & hindrances in your path/goals/desires
  • destroys negative energies around you
  • restricts ill fate, destroys bad karma

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for specific purpose

  • passing a competitive exam
  • winning a particular legal case
  • getting a better job/promotion/salary
  • winning an election/a sport/a competition
  • getting a perfect match for marriage
  • getting a visa/permanent residentship
  • making your family integrated
  • getting better staff and bonding in the workplace
  • getting recognition and appreciation for your work

it synchronizes your energies to achieve the goal faster

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Benefits of

Displaying The Kailasa Yantra

We all are aware that spaces have energies - good as well as bad. The negative energies emanating from the earth is the most disastrous among others. It is called geopathic stress.

This is why ancient tradition instructs us to cleanse and purify the land before any construction. It is called ‘bhu-samskara’.

But, in the present context we hardly find this happening. Thus, the nourishing energy of mother Earth is almost zilch.

In such a situation, however powerful and positive energies you acquire by wearing of a yantra, it is going to be drained away.

In some cases, even a place with positive surroundings lacks grounded energy which is the cumulative of ichhashakti-kriyashakti-jnanashakti.

There are a lot of rituals to correct this as per Vaastushastra dictums.

But easier and powerful methods are always welcome! For example, displaying and worshipping the Kailasa Yantra in your house, office, shop, factory, other places of business etc. like the Tibetans do for correcting bad Feng-Shui.

Kapali’s Kailasa Yantra for sthaapan, if placed perfectly as per the instructions of the experts

  • will counteract the symptoms of bad Vaastu & Feng-Shui
  • will destroy all the negative energies
  • will destroy evil eye
  • will replenish the Earth energy
  • will integrate all energies
  • will heal geopathic stress
  • will empower the space
  • will integrate individual efforts
  • will increase family/work-place bonding
  • will make homes happier
  • will make business thrive and prosper
  • will heal the sick, promote health
  • will protect from depleting energies
  • will multiply happy occasions
  • will decrease pain and suffering

It is a wonder cure to have in the house!

The Kailasa Yantra



  • Be attentive to your inner awareness and ask yourself whether you are ready to invite the Kailasa Yantra to be with you. If yes,
  • Order the Yantra. When it arrives, give a tip or something lucky to whoever delivers it. Never bargain during the process.
  • Decide the auspicious day of wearing the Yantra [we provide the list every year]. Apart from that, you can wear it on your birthday, on the day of auspicious ceremonies taking place at home (like cousin’s marriage, brother’s engagement etc.) or on the day you are having auspicious rituals at home.
  • Choose the auspicious time during which you are alone, quiet and serene and bathed.
  • Select a place with good ambience, clear from all clutter and clean.
  • Create an altar (using a small table, maybe your lap-top table) with you facing East. Even a clean dining table is fine.
  • Choose the method of worship - may be a perfume (natural essential oil), an incense, or just a flower; a diya, a sweet or just a simple recital as per your faith e.g. just welcome the Yantra in your life by giving a red flower!
  • Pray to the God you believe the most in. If you don’t believe in any God pray to the One inside you who makes you do good karma – yourself.
  • Gently remove the Yantra from the box. It comes with a special thread which you need to keep for at least 40 days. Wear the Yantra such that it sits on your heart chakra.
  • Feel the Yantra come alive and throb with you!

Wear it minimum for 40 days or permanently.

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Yantra VisarjanA

  • The Kailasa Yantra takes approximately 40 hours to get acclimatized with you and approximately 40 days to synchronize our energies and renew our focus.
  • Meanwhile, the Yantra is scanned by our brain, imbibed in our memory and its power assimilated in our energy.
  • Thereafter, you can remove the thread and wear it in a regular gold/silver chain or, remove it for the time being, immerse the thread in a holy place, clean the Yantra and keep it safely with valuable trinkets in your drawer or cupboard.
  • You can wear it again during auspicious occasions and important meetings or whenever you desire.
  • Each year, you need to wear the Yantra for 40 days; then follow the same procedure.
  • If handled carefully the Yantra retains its power for 3-5 years.
  • Thereafter it needs to be prorogated by immersing it in the holy waters or the sea.
  • If the Kailasa Yantra is worn for a specific purpose, the the yantra must be prorogated as soon as the goal is achieved.
  • For instance, if you wear it for the purpose of finding a life-partner and it happens just in a month, you are required to prorogate that Yantra immediately with due faith.
  • The sthaapan (displayed) Kailasa Yantra need not be prorogated for three generations. It can be shifted in case you change residence / shop / factory. But, expert assistance is necessary for best results every time the place is changed.

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Benefits of


Just like we benefit from wearing the Kailasa Yantra, we also benefit from visarjan(prorogation) after our desire is fufilled. Yantras connect to human and universal intelligence; that is how they work by imbibing a sankalpa(desire) in it.

When the desire is fulfilled one tends to misappropriate the Yantra or otherwise get too much attached to the Yantra desiring not to part with it. Both cases are not ideal. The Yantra is an energy of the universe leased by us and so, needs to be returned to the universe with due reverence once the object of desire is fulfilled. In case of wearing the Yantra for general purpose the ritualistic power needs renewal from time to time or else it must be prorogated.

The best methods of prorogation are as follows :

  • in sacred waters like the Ganges, Triveni Sangam, Narmada etc.
  • in lakes, especially those that do not dry up in summer and those where lotuses bloom.
  • in the sea, deep enough not to be washed up ashore (like the shore of the Somnath sea).
  • in inaccessible valleys and ridges of the mountains / hills.
  • In a village well (which is not personal).

Metals are powerful mediums to harness cosmic powers. That is why we have a tradition of tossing coins in divine water bodies. The Yantra is more than a piece of metal, harnessing energy on earth which may be useful to someone in someways and will imbibe divinity around it. Whoever benefits from this energy will destroy the bad karmas of the prorogator. And as such, you never know sometimes a Yantra may benefit much more after prorogation !

The prorogation ritual, just like the wearing ritual must be attached improtance to, must be carried out on an auspicious day and time. It is best to carry out the ritual personally.


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