Sphatika Mala (Rose Quartz)


Sphatika Mala (Rose Quartz)

Material: Semi Precious Stones
Bead Size: 10mm
Size: 40 inches strand
No of Beads: 108+1
Weight: approx 90 gms.

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Just as Kailasa is the abode of Shiva, ‘Sphatika’ is the gem of Mahadeva. Hence it is also called ‘Shivaratna’. According to the scriptures one side of the Kailasa is made of ‘sphatika’ (quartz). Pink/Rose quartz is especially energizing because it is embibed with the ‘blazing force’ of the Bhairava. Hence rose quartz mala is especially recommended for chanting of the Kailasa Mantra during puja.

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